Alice Cooper at Abbotsford Centre

Alice Cooper Tickets

Abbotsford Centre | Abbotsford, British Columbia

Are you a music lover who’s going to be in the Abbotsford, British Columbia area on Saturday 18th April 2020? Then you will want to come visit the breathtaking Abbotsford Centre for the Saturday Saturday 18th April 2020 performance when Alice Cooper take to the stage! This artist will be putting on an amazing and truly unforgettable performance as they perform their classic hits, as well as the tracks from their latest album on the supreme stage in Abbotsford. They guarantee you and the rest of what will be a capacity crowd a performance that critics are already calling the number one show in 2020. So if you love pop-rock music, then click the Buy Tickets button below so you can catch Alice Cooper live when they perform at the Abbotsford Centre on Saturday 18th April 2020.

Alice Cooper at Abbotsford Centre

Some artists have fans. Others, like Alice Cooper have a family. Are you a part of that family? Abbotsford Centre is the perfect place for a “family reunion”. The stunning atmosphere will help you meet fellow Alice Cooper lovers and make many new friends to share this experience with. From waiting in line, to getting a drink at the many refreshment bars around the venue, you’ll have many opportunities to share your excitement with other fellow fans. Then, when the first cord strikes, you’ll be dancing, jumping and singing together as if you’ve known each other forever. And, after this, maybe you will! Hearing hundreds, or thousands, of voices screaming and singing along with you to every tune and seeing the light of thousands of flashlights light up the venue are sights and sounds that will send chills down your spine and give you goosebumps. All of this of a concert leaves no room for any other feeling other than excitement and happiness. And all of this is just one click away from being yours.

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