Gord Bamford at Abbotsford Centre

Gord Bamford Tickets

Abbotsford Centre | Abbotsford, British Columbia

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO THURSDAY 22nd OCTOBER 2020 (Originally 28th March 2020)

They say money can’t buy happiness. But I say – if you can buy event tickets then you sure can buy a moment of joy. This March gift yourself and the ones you love an unforgettable night of bliss. The one and only Gord Bamford live show is coming to Abbotsford with their most monumental show yet! Gord Bamford have history of drawing massive crowds to their shows, and believe us, it is for a reason! That’s why the absolute best venue to host THE event of 2020 is the supreme Abbotsford Centre, British Columbia’s favorite place to experience live entertainment. So, don’t make happiness wait! Secure your ticket now to make sure Saturday 28th March 2020 is a night to remember!

Gord Bamford at Abbotsford Centre

The best local and national icons like Gord Bamford don’t come to just any location. For stars of their size, only the best venues across the country will do and that’s why Abbotsford Centre was picked to host Gord Bamford and their Saturday 28th March 2020 premiere. That’s because Abbotsford Centre has been designed with expert sound and lighting engineering that keeps you a part of the experience no matter how far you are seated from the stage. The high-capacity stands are complemented by the very best in comfortable seating making your visit a relaxing experience. Abbotsford Centre is also conveniently located just around the corner of some of the best restaurants and bars in the city for those fans of shows that want dinner and drinks before or after the show. When you put this together this with the convenient parking available to the audience right around the corner, it isn't hard to see why Abbotsford Centre is the favorite place to be in Abbotsford. So make sure you don’t miss out! Click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets, today.

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