The Glorious Sons at Abbotsford Centre

The Glorious Sons Tickets

Abbotsford Centre | Abbotsford, British Columbia

The Glorious Sons

For the finest pop show of the year get yourself to the impressive Abbotsford Centre, Abbotsford British Columbia on Friday 10th November 2023, where the stunning and award winning The Glorious Sons will play at Abbotsford Centre. The tour of the states has been wildly anticipated, music fans have already been grabbing tickets left and right! The evening is going to be huge and particularly busy so be sure to buy yours right away for a Friday evening of tunes and all over good vibes this November. To book some, its simple as, it can be done by following the 'get tickets' link when you scroll up, but hurry, this is expected to sell out fast!

Nothing beats the amount of excitement that you feel after you secure your ticket to see your favorite The Glorious Sons live. Blood rushing, smile stretching across your face, you can already imagine hearing your favorite songs, you can feel the melody. You got it, the ticket is yours… you spend months counting down the days until the special day, planning your outfit, imagining a perfect set-list, and planning out how your day is going to go. You know what bite of food you’re gonna get as soon as you get there, where you’ll stand with your friends or loved one. Then you picture the lights going off, and you know: “This is it, oh my God!”. Yes, this is the feeling and you know it. You’re just one click away from a night you won’t forget. The Glorious Sons at Abbotsford Centre, clear your schedule!

The Glorious Sons at Abbotsford Centre

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